From WASTE to WOW: Unisto Padlock 3 made of 100% PP recycling material

One of the top five airlines already takes off with Unisto Padlock 3 produced with our 100% Ecograde PP. Discover more about this material!



Green materials for the security seals production

Reducing the environmental impact should be nowadays a main focus of the security seals manufacturers. At this purpose one of Unisto’s primary goals is the efficient use of the resources. Not only we continuously improve our processes. We also look for new materials to produce our security seals, for example by giving a second life to waste products and used plastics.

We are happy to present you our new material, which reflects the Unisto Green Footprint philosophy: Ecograde PP. 

A second life for production wastes

Ecograde is made of 100% recycled PP, which comes from production wastes. Plastic wastes become a WOW material which meets all the mechanical and security requirements essential for manufacturing the Unisto security seals.   

As the used material remains in the production cycle and it is not thrown away, the non renewable resources are conserved and less energy is needed to produce our security seals: to process a virgin material is employed much more energy. Using less energy has an enormous impact on lowering the Co2 emissions. 

Moreover our Ecograde does not have any mechanical or security restriction. This means: we can do something good for the environment without sacrificing the technical characteristics that a high quality security seal must have.

Ecograde has been verified by an independent organisation which has confirmed its composition and certified with a document that it is made of recycled PP.

Download the confirmation 

One of our top selling security seals, Unisto Padlock 3, is now available produced with Ecograde. The padlock security seal made of recycled PP is already employed by a first class airline: one of top 5 airlines already takes off with food and duty free trolleys sealed with Unisto Padlock 3 made with Ecograde.

Shortly we will be happy to provide you with a broader assortment of green products.

If you want to know more about Ecograde please do not hesitate to contact us!