Unisto Qubis

A unique Security Sealing system which only functions in combination with our tamper evident Qubis plastic sleeve and the special Unisto Metal Padlock. This offers an ideal solution to seal Duty-Free and Drinks Trolleys in the Airline industry. Fits to other applications such as Containers, Roll Cages and Security Boxes in the Cash in Transit, Retail and Carrier business. Unisto Qubis prevents opportunistic access to the locking cylinder of the Metal Padlock. Unique serial numbers on both parts provides an audit trail. Barcoded for efficient data capture and streamlinig operations. Easy to open by hand. Various plastic colours for logistical control available.

Features of this security seal

Type of Seal
Padlock Type Seals
  • Qubis prevents any unauthorised access to the key hole
  • Intelligent design concept that leaves marks or signs of any attempted attack
  • Various colours for logistical functions
  • Numbering in barcoded format streamlines operations
  • Hasp diameter allows sealing of holes and slots from 8 mm plus
  • Hasp made of stainless steel with high tensile strength
  • Numbered lock prevents unnoticed exchange of lock
  • Mats of 5 seals allows sequential distribution

Minimum size

Technical Data for Qubis

Polypropylene (PP)
Interleaved 2/5 or barcode 128
Customer name
Directly laser marked
White, yellow, apricot, pink, purple, grey, light brown

Mats of 5, box of 1000 seals

31.0 x 22.0 x 38.0 cm (0.026 m3), approx. 3.2 kg


Seals should be stored in original box away from direct sunlight and chemical fumes.

Store at 22°C/50% RH. Typical shelf life of seals made of PP and PA are approx. 18 months from date of manufacture.

Nevertheless please do not order more than an annual quantity.

Technical Data for Padlock


Housing: brass

Hasp: stainless steel

Engraved 6 digits
Box of 12 locks

How to close

How to open

Unisto Qubis - Security Seal
A unique Security Sealing system combining a Metal Padlock and a tamper evident plastic sleeve. 


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