Brand Profiling

Orchestrating brands - emotionally, sensitively, successfully.

Unisto is a leading company for brand profiling of branded products and the point of sale. Whether presenting watches, jewellery, eyewear, beverages, perfumes, fashion, textiles or other products, successful brands entrust their precious creations to us. We provide the complete solution from concept, design, engineering, production, quality control, worldwide logistics and individual services all under one roof. Our specialised teams create customised solutions which are realised in modern, state-of-the-art, certified manufacturing plants in Asia and Europe. Our product assortment includes displays, showcases, towers, boxes, casespresentation trays, letters, logos, watch holders, brand tags, price labels, guarantee cards, bottle seals, wax seals, product plaques, product talkers, tags, swing tickets, branded seals, woven labels, leather labels, brand promotion, garment covers and anything what is connected to your branded product.